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About Tec Scrn International Ltd.

Canada’s trusted source for separation equipment

Based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Tec Scrn has been providing innovative separation solutions and delivering excellent service across North America since 1993.

A technically astute sales force, stringent process controls and immeasurable material data acquired from years of testing and experience have enabled us to secure our hold in the North American market. Our prompt, friendly and unflinching customer service has ensured we maintain and strengthen that hold.

Exceptional craftsmanship at unbeatable prices

Tec Scrn separators are trusted by leading North American production companies to safely, efficiently and economically perform to the highest standards, even under the most abrasive conditions. We ship our products across Canada and throughout the United States, and the simplicity of our streamlined design makes our products about 20 per cent less expensive than our leading competitor – as well as far easier to maintain!

Industry-leading innovation

Our engineering and design teams have the ability to fabricate custom machines, parts and accessories to meet your unique applications and precise process requirements. If you have a unique process or screening application that you would like our engineers to analyze, contact us or request a quote today!