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3 Reasons to Choose Tec Scrn

When it comes to separation process equipment, you have your choice between several North American suppliers. With the quality of our products and service, we aim to make choosing your separation equipment provider an easy decision!
Here’s why you should choose Tec Scrn to fulfill your separation and classification requirements:

1. Our products are designed for affordability and ease

Same products, same quality… better price and performance! Our innovative Tec Scrn product lineup performs to the exact same quality standards as that of the “big guys” – except that the simplicity of our design makes our machinery about 20 per cent less expensive and much easier to maintain!

Our long history as a supplier to the aircraft industry has enabled us to develop quality standards that ensure your product is always manufactured to the highest quality measures. Our quality control systems include alloy and wire mesh certification, complete traceability and a fully equipped test lab.

2. We’re proudly Canadian

Tec Scrn is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, and all of our products are manufactured on home soil under the proud maple leaf.

For customers within Canada, we’re uniquely equipped to quickly respond to demand requests. We ship our products across North America, but the benefit to our Canadian market is never dealing with the hassle of freight or border issues. Avoid delays and waiting on slow shipping… our rapid response time is among the best in the industry!

Ordering through Tec Scrn offers the additional benefit of the Canadian currency advantage. Our Canadian customers save by not importing from the United States, and our US customers save due to the advantageous exchange rate.

3. We provide exceptional service

At Tec Scrn, we strive to exceed your expectations every single time. We do that by providing the best products, the best prices, the best performance and the fastest delivery in our industry.

A technically astute sales force, stringent process controls and immeasurable material data acquired from years of testing and experience have enabled us to secure our hold in the North American market. Our prompt, friendly and unflinching customer service has ensured we maintain and strengthen that hold.