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Separators for the Biofuels Industry

Vibrating Separators for the Biofuels Industry

discharge-separatorTec Scrn International proudly provides innovative separating solutions that are integral to the North American biofuels industry.

Our circular vibrating separators are highly versatile pieces of equipment that are widely used within the biofuels industry to sort dry materials and separate solids from liquids. Specific biofuel applications include sifting agricultural byproducts, animal fats and plant and vegetable oils, among others.

Circular Separators for the Biofuels Industry

discharge-separator-Our Centre Discharge Separators, Circular Vibrating Separators and G-Max Separators can accommodate a wide range of biofuel applications. Our vibrating separators are available with multiple decks, providing up to five particle size classifications, constructed from the highest-quality stainless steel and can be customized to your precise requirements.

Our vibrating circular separators for agriculture are available in diameters ranging between 24” and 72”.

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