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Separators for Laundry & Textiles Applications

Vibrating Separators for Laundry & Textiles Applications

discharge-separator Textile manufacturers and the laundry industry depend on Tec Scrn separation equipment for their processes, such as removing impurities and solid wastes from the wastewater they produce. Our separators are designed to deliver supreme performance in sifting and separating out lint, dirt and other solid particles from liquid effluent. Because we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for industrial laundry or textiles processes, we offer specialty screens, custom manufacturing and our years of expertise to help you overcome any separating challenge you face. It’s no wonder Tec Scrn products are trusted by textile producers and laundry companies across North America.

Circular Separators for the Laundry & Textiles Industry

discharge-separator- Our Centre Discharge Separators and Circular Vibrating Separators, along with our Vibromesh Screening system, provides ideal customized separation solutions for laundry and textile applications. Our vibrating separators are available with multiple decks, providing up to five particle size classifications, constructed from the highest-quality stainless steel and can be customized to your precise requirements. They’re available in diameters ranging between 24” and 72”.

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