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Separators for Powder Coating Applications

Vibrating Separators for Powder Coating Applications

discharge-separator Powder coating is often applied to plastics or metals in order to increase endurance to corrosion and outdoor elements. Because this powder is so fine, however, the separation process can create difficulties for manufacturers. Screen blinding can occur, which can lead to a significant reduction in throughput. Tec Scrn’s Vibromesh Screening Technology, used with our circular separators, eliminates screen blinding and increases production capacity of powder coating processes.

Circular Separators for the Powder Coating Industry

discharge-separator- Our Tec Scrn Centre Discharge Separator and Tec Scrn Circular Vibrating Separator, both featuring our Vibromesh Screening Technology, are ideally suited for the unique challenges of the powder coating industry. They’re constructed from the highest-grade stainless steel, in diameters ranging between 24” and 72”, and can be customized to your precise requirements. Our vibratory drive system can be adjusted to provide an infinite range of separating patterns, and our innovative systems enable the operator to quickly and safely react to changes in product variations and specifications. Our engineers can even work with your product in our test facility to establish the most efficient configuration for your powder coating screening process. Our vibrating separators for the powder coating industry are available with multiple decks, providing up to five particle size classifications.

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