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Circular Vibrating Screens

Tec Scrn International provides premium quality screens to fit a wide range of our vibrating separators – as well as those manufactured by our competitors.

We provide a variety of screening solutions designed for high-quality performance, maximum affordability and, of course, exceptional service. Our extensive inventory of wire cloth means that lightning fast turnaround times – as fast as same-day – are common when you order your screens from Tec Scrn.


We are capable of manufacturing replacement screens for the following OEM equipment:

Download our Circular Vibrating Screens info sheet.

Standardized and Interchangeable

Our screens are designed to be changed quickly and easily, and to be equipped with cleaning systems if required. All of our screens can be passivated and/or electrocleaned as required.

Our quality pre-tensioned screens (both new and re-screened) are manufactured to fit Sweco, Kason, Midwestern, Russell-Finex and other OEM equipment. Screen diameters range from 18” to 72” and can be either spot welded or epoxied.

For the Standard Mesh Specification Chart, click here.

Tec Scrn Vibratory Screens

  • FDA-approved bonding epoxy is used in screens where cross contamination is an issue – such as dry powdered food, agricultural and pharmaceutical applications
  • Industrial epoxy bonding is used for separating products such as plastics, glass, refractory or other fine powders that are not food or pharmaceutical related
  • Weld bonding is used for high temperature and wet applications
  • Industrial epoxy/urethane, with reinforced bond, is perfect for applications where the separated product is very abrasive or screens are subjected to heavy loads

Tec Scrn Vibromesh Screening Technology

  • Live, vertically produced mechanical vibration uniformly distributes product over the entire surface area
  • Active vibration inhibits screen blinding thereby enhancing efficiency and increasing material throughput
  • Through variable resonance control, maximum screening regardless of product density

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