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Circular Vibrating Separator

We take great pride in manufacturing the highest quality round vibrating separators. Our Circular Vibrating Separator can be customized to meet any industry standard – from food to pharmaceutical, chemical to ceramics.

Tec Scrn Innovation

discharge-separatorOur QuickAdjust lead angle system allows the operator to rapidly react to any changes in feed stock variations. Tec Scrn engineers will work with your product in our test facility to establish the most efficient configuration for your unique screening process.

The Tec Scrn Circular Vibrating Separator is designed specifically to minimize maintenance requirements and maximize production volume. Its standard, off-the-shelf motor and bearings can be quickly and easily replaced if needed, helping to keep your costs down.

Download our Circular Vibrating Separator info sheet.

Tec Scrn Quality

Our Circular Vibrating Separator outperforms any in the industry – reliably, efficiently and economically sorting by size or separating liquids from solids. Our separators are designed to be among the safest in the industry, in full compliance with Ministry of Labour Standards. The Tec Scrn Circular Vibrating Separator is constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and rigorously tested to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Tec Scrn Versatility

The Circular Vibrating Separator is available with multiple decks, providing up to five particle size classifications that offer screening capability as fine as 500 mesh (25 micron). We construct them using premium quality 14 gauge stainless steel, finished to sanitary standards if required, in diameters ranging from 24” to and 72”.

Circular Vibrating Separators are available in the following diameters: 24”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 48”, 60” and 72”.

View a diagram of our Circular Vibrating Separator.

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