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Drive Tables

TSI Replacement Drive Table

Tec Scrn Drive Tables are an economical alternative to our competitors’ centre drive double shaft motors. In fact, our entire drive table can be installed for the same cost as two Baldor motors – and thereafter, your motor change-out costs will be reduced by over 80 per cent.

Because Tec Scrn Drive Tables are equipped with standard, off-the-shelf motors and bearings, we dramatically reduce your costs and can shave more than 10 man-hours off your change-over times.

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Industry-Leading Tec Scrn Innovation

When Tec Scrn was founded, it came to our attention that a major source of unresolved frustration for many companies in our industry was how they were being forced into purchasing Baldor drive motors. The disproportionately high cost of these motors arose for two reasons:

  1. A suitable equivalent product was not available
  2. There was a lengthy, labour-intensive process required to conduct what should really be a simple motor changeover

Enter Tec Scrn Drive Tables

To resolve these problems, we created our simple, elegantly efficient Drive Table design. This exclusive design, complete with rugged construction and manufactured with quality materials able to withstand even the harshest of environments, has been the key to Tec Scrn Drive Tables.

About our exclusive Tec Scrn Drive Tables:

  • Tec Scrn's Drive Table MotorUniversality Tec Scrn Drive Tables use standard, off-the-shelf motors that are available from every major motor dealer and manufacturer, in any country, in any part of the world
  • Unbeatable replacement cost – a standard off-the-shelf motor averages about 15 per cent of the cost of Baldor motors
  • Rapid change over time 10 man-hours faster, on average, than Baldor motors
  • Versatile Drive Table designTec Scrn table assemblies, including motor, are suitable for dropping straight into an existing machine base, requiring only grease line hookups
  • Maximized screening efficiency – with our rapid lead angle and weight adjustment design, we deliver identical performance to drive tables powered by Baldor motors

Over the past 25 years, Tec Scrn has installed hundreds of machines and replacement Drive Tables, with that number growing annually. Experience performance, productivity and quality that rivals Baldor motors – at a fraction of the cost!

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