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GLIDE Lineal Feeder

Gentle, horizontal conveying of bulk materials.

Our GLIDE Vibratory Line Feeder system is designed for gentle, horizontal conveying of bulk material. Traditional vibration conveying systems work on the ‘throwing’ principle, in which product is ‘thrown’ forward, following a trajectory parabola. With the GLIDE system, the material gently slides along the conveyor trough, made possible by a pneumatic linear drive system. The conveyor output can be adjusted to suit the specific characteristics of the material by regulating the compressed air.

The flat design allows applications even within confined space constraints. The vibratory tray is manufactured using stainless steel, and can be designed to accommodate larger loads and longer distances.

Download our GLIDE Lineal Feeder info sheet.


Our GLIDE Vibratory Feeder system is the best way to transfer your products with total control over feeding rates while handling the material in a moderate manner.

The most versatile conveyor for you applications…

  • Gentle and constant conveying
  • Improved quality of you product
  • Very low noise level - 60-65DBA
  • No moving parts
  • No lubrication requirements
  • Total control over feed rate
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Pharma and Food compliant
  • Modularly extendable


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