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Quality Control

Our stringent quality control process ensures that each piece of equipment that leaves our facility is reliable, safe and ready to perform to its precise specifications. These quality systems include alloy and wire mesh certification, wire tensile and elongation test results and cleaning/passivation process certification.

Our commitment to quality is quite simple: if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave our premises.

Stereoscope Analysis

The first step in our quality assurance program is the stereoscope analysis of all incoming mesh. The process is capable of measuring mesh openings as fine as 20 microns and wire diameters as small as .0008″. This analysis and documentation forms a vital part of our validation process, compliance certification and product traceability programs.

In addition, our Stereoscope equipment is calibrated and certified on a regular basis, which allows us to inspect and certify your in-house sieves.

Sieve Analysis

Assessing the gradation of feed stock and subsequently processed materials through detailed sieve analysis is critical for establishing both your product quality and productivity. Armed with this knowledge, and by using our in-house process facility, we can determine the most effective processes for your products in order to minimize fines drag out and maximize your production. These could include feed rates, screen type, lead angle settings, weights and/or deflectors.

Mesh Tensile and Elongation Testing

Tensile and elongation properties of wire mesh are often overlooked quality requirements, but they are critically important to ensuring maximized production and equipment performance. In actual fact, this test is a determination of the quality of the wire being used to produce the mesh and, to a lesser degree, the weaving process. Wire that is not strand annealed – at either the correct temperature or speed – can result in grain-size growth, which will cause the wire to lose ductility. At Tec Scrn, we test these properties on every mesh product we receive to ensure that our mesh meets your required standards.